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Why You Should Outsource Payroll?

Security and confidentiality

Payroll data is extremely sensitive and in light of this, you should look for payroll providers having high levels of respect for security to ensure your data is in safe hands

Local approach

Over the years our dedicated team has built a strong relationship with the competent Authorities which is crucial in discussing complex payroll issues

Free up resources

Save time from processing activities and concentrate on the day to day running of your business with piece of mind when it comes to payroll

Reduce risk of errors

Ensure the vulnerability of one person processing payroll is reduced to the minimum by engaging an independent team to manage the process.

We Build Lasting Relationships
With Employers

Our aim is to support you year after year by offering a highly competitive and unrivalled product when it comes to your satisfaction

How It Works


Contact Us

Contact us with your requirements – simple to complex


Review Quote

We will prepare for you a personalised quotation


Agree plan

We will agree with you a project plan and start date


Communicate Changes

All you need to do once we are live is to advise us each pay period about changes including starters, leavers, commission etc.



We will send you the payroll for a review before finalising the run and, after that, issue you with appropriate reports to help arrange payments to staff and third parties and to reconcile back against your general ledger

Strong Foundations

With over 30 years payroll experience our founder has what is required to deliver on timeliness, accuracy and compliance

Our Services

We are the experts in Cypriot and UK payrolls for small and medium enterprises

Our payroll team is in place and ready to support you, with a designated payroll professional to manage your account from the outset. This, combined with good continuity of knowledge and experience of operating similar payrolls, will help deliver the smooth efficient service you demand.


Cyprus Payroll


UK Payroll

Trusted Payroll administrator giving you piece of mind

  • Gross to net calculations
  • Net pay gross ups
  • Calculation of Income Tax at prevailing rates
  • Calculation of Social Insurance Fund, Redundancy Fund, Industrial Training and Social Cohesion Fund contributions (Cyprus)
  • Calculation of National Insurance, Apprenticeship Levy, Employment Allowance (UK)
  • Employed or self employed payroll calculations
  • Calculation of provident fund Account A and Account B contributions (Cyprus)
  • Application of Pension contributions and the application of Auto-enrolment (UK)
  • Calculation of sick, maternity, paternity and adoption pay
  • Redundancy calculations
  • End of tax month reporting
  • End of tax year reporting
  • Reimbursement of expenses
  • Benefits in Kind advice
  • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly (12 or 13 pay periods) payrolls
  • All software updates to statutory changes included

About Us


TJ Payroll Services CY Ltd

Created to provide payroll support services to clients in Cyprus and United Kingdom. This includes end to end processing, from gross to net pay whilst assuring compliance to statutory fiscal policy.

Our clients will entrust us with their full payroll and we will ensure that pay period after pay period our focus will be on paying people accurately and on time. We will also complete all tax year end returns and we can even include pensions and benefits administration in our offering.

The Company is run by a former assessor of one of the UK’s leading training agencies, ‘Payroll Alliance’, who has also graduated through the Advanced Professional Diploma in Payroll Management (Edexcel/BTEC Level 5). Our founder is also a Prime Member of the Cyprus Payroll Management Association.